Working in partnership with Palestinian Welfare House (PWH), we provided financial support, essential life saving equipment and medicines to the newly established Healthcare Centre in Jaballia, Palestine.

It is well known that the burden on the Palestinian health system is complex as the Gaza Strip is going through a difficult political, economic and humanitarian situation.  Moreover, non-communicable diseases including heart diseases, cancer, diabetes mellitus and cerebra-vascular diseases had dramatically increased.

The siege imposed on Gaza has its grave consequences on the performance of the health organizations.  Furthermore, injuries resulting from the recurrent Israeli incursions, lack of safety measures at the community and household levels and the internal Palestinian conflict constitute an additional burden on the Palestinian health system.  Therefore, we established a Health Care Centre to provide  basic health care services for the needy people in some priority areas in the Gaza Strip e.g. Jaballia.

The Healthcare Centre is located at Jabalia, and provides services for more than 80,000 persons, the people who live under the poverty line at that area over 70%, and unemployment rate over than 85%, The average number of independents for the family is seven persons.