Our Work

Our work is focused on providing immediate relief to disaster and conflict victims, we asses which group, area or location has not received aid and aim to deliver in these remote and difficult places.

As mentioned before, our asset light approach has given us much success with our projects, and we appreciate the work other traditional charities have and continue to do, in fact without them fulfilling their roles our job would become very difficult.

Mercy Worldwide has never seen itself competing with other organisations, our outlook is a cumulative complimentary approach and we believe each organisation is a jigsaw piece in the bigger picture.

Mercy worldwide’s niche has been reaching the of the beaten track communities in a quick and efficient manner and moving onto the next project.

Emergency Relief

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We are now entering into a new era and approach, where a longer term strategy will be implemented for all the work done so far – please see our section on the Sustainable Livelihoods Programs (SLP) to get a further insight.

Mercy Worldwide current project is focusing on creating vocational centres which aid sustainable livelihoods. The program will look to build purpose built centres which will teach life skills and education to both men and women, so they can provide for themselves and their family.

There were a number of peripheral campaigns run during our disaster relief mission which had a great impact on the people.

We realised that people aid was a short term fix, and through an organic process a number of our short term relief efforts are still continuing today.

The medical aid units are still being utilised, having helped & treated over 200, 000 people since 2011

We are now dedicating a full team to create the SLP, and with the help through the World cycle challenge 2015, we are confident of a successful start