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First of all, on behalf of the entire team we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and become familiar with Mercy Worldwide

Poverty affects everything. The three most common aspects of society that is affected by poverty are human needs, class, and lifestyle, at Mercy Worldwide together; we believe we can effect real, positive changes to the lives of people.

With this mind a group of like minded people established Mercy Worldwide, UK, in December 2007.  Mercy Worldwide trustees, who are all volunteers that form the governing and are legally responsible for all of the organisation’s activities.

Our work is focused on providing immediate relief to disaster and conflict victims, we asses which group, area or location has not received aid and aim to deliver in these remote and difficult places.

As mentioned before, our asset light approach has given us much success with our projects, and we appreciate the work other traditional charities have and continue to do, in fact without them fulfilling their roles our job would become very difficult.

Mercy Worldwide has never seen itself competing with other organisations, our outlook is a cumulative complimentary approach and we believe each organisation is a jigsaw piece in the bigger picture.

Mercy worldwide’s niche has been reaching the of the beaten track communities in a quick and efficient manner and moving onto the next project.

Emergency Relief

For further information on our emergency relief work please follow the link


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We are now entering into a new era and approach, where a longer term strategy will be implemented for all the work done so far – please see our section on the Sustainable Livelihoods Programs (SLP) to get a further insight.

Mercy Worldwide current project is focusing on creating vocational centres which aid sustainable livelihoods. The program will look to build purpose built centres which will teach life skills and education to both men and women, so they can provide for themselves and their family.

There were a number of peripheral campaigns run during our disaster relief mission which had a great impact on the people.

We realised that people aid was a short term fix, and through an organic process a number of our short term relief efforts are still continuing today.

The medical aid units are still being utilised, having helped & treated over 200, 000 people since 2011

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Amir Khan welcomes our cyclist in Lahore, Pakistan

Our world cyclist arrived in Lahore on the 2nd August 2015 to a welcome reception in Lahore, Pakistan by World Boxing Champion Amir Khan  

Tanzania Orphanage December 2019

Tanzania Orphanage Projects *The two projects are now complete* After months of perseverance and by the will of the creator, we are pleased to report the Playground and Guinea Fowl projects have been completed at the Eco Village (orphanage) in Tanzania. *Donation*...

Yemen November 2018

The project is up and runningAfter 3 months of perseverance and dedication we are pleased to report the Yemen Food Bakery is now opened, which is providing daily food for 1000's of people affected by the war.*Costing*£11,000 was donated to us by...

Rohingya Sep 2017

We were in Tumbru Village, at the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar, across the creek of water there are 1289 Rohingya families, approx 6,000 people. They only had a few days food left when we arrived. Getting to the village we faced many challenges, due to...

Gaza December 2015

“A warm winter for those who are deprived of these basic needs “ The recent war in Gaza, which was the main reason behind the destruction of hundreds of homes and displacing thousands of families whose homes have been demolished in whole or in part, to become...

Container Loaded and Shipped to Greece

The Mercy Worldwide team loaded two ambulances and high value aid due for Lesbos, Greece for the refugee crisis. We could not have done this without your support. The mission is on going , please help us to help them [gallery...

RAPA15 Updates from Greece

The Reality on ground is very harsh and not reported in the media. There are mothers here who lost their children in the sea because the dingy were going to sink and the captain thought kids were excess baggage. More volunteers and Medics are desperately needed!...

Emergency Relief Gaza – Jul to Sep 2014

During the July 2014 Deadly attacks on Gaza, where 1000's were killed and injured and made homeless. Mercy Worldwide volunteers tirelessly sprung into action, working around the clock to deliver aid and medical supplies to Gaza on a urgent and immediate bases. As...

Syrian Refugee Camps, Winter Fuel Dec 2013

Whilst we traveled to the Syrian camps in Dec 2013, we saw that there was a desperate need for burning fuel. It was very difficult to survive without fuel in the camps, the weather was getting colder and families were forced to suffer further. During our last visit we...

Syrian Refugee Camps Winter Relief

Due to the crisis in Syria millions of people left their homes and become refugees. Some of the largest number headed to the Lebanese / Syria border and they were getting little to no help. Due to the winter weather kids were freezing and some had already died. We...

Gaza Aid Work Nov13

Representatives from Mercy worldwide, traveled to Gaza in Nov 2013, after many difficulties and delays they managed to enter Gaza. In Gaza they visited previous projects which had been completed and also carried out further projects. We visited camps and distributed...