We were in Tumbru Village, at the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar, across the creek of water there are 1289 Rohingya families, approx 6,000 people. They only had a few days food left when we arrived.

Getting to the village we faced many challenges, due to location, this meant security was tense on the border, the roads were bad, which prevents vehicles going up to the border area. Working conditions were tough, due to weather, with the monsoons and not able to cross the water.

We arranged for 1290 monthly family food packs for each family in the camp. Plus we provided necessary medicine for diarrhea, fever, multivitamins, as most people had such symptoms. Harsh working environment with bacteria, cleanliness, sewage, waste, heat, rain and other diseases being factors whilst working. Also getting permission to be in area and getting permission for the aid to be allowed, then have the Rohingya cross the water to collect the aid all amounted to extra challenges we had to overcome. We had to source the food packs from over an hour away and then arrange for the transportation across 7 trucks and 3 days. We eventually managed to get all the needed aid to the Rohingya Refugees living in the make shift camp on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar.