We continue to work with our partner NRDP in Narowal District, as a  result of heavy monsoon rains that started in mid of August, 2013, Pakistan once again faced the heavy flash and riverine floods in four provinces resulted in to human life loss, infrastructure damage, agricultural and economy loss at massive level.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reports the monsoon rains have so far claimed 93 lives, affected more than 84,000 people, 145,000 acres of crops and damaged or destroyed more than4,000 houses. The humanitarian community is working closely with the Government of Pakistan and continuing to monitor the situation closely.

In result of floods National Rural Development Program initiated Multi Cluster Damage Need Assessment on MIRA tool of UNOCHA in the worst affected UCs and villages of District and Tehsil Narowal. It is reported by National Rural Development Program Flood response team that a high level of flood has on its peak due to heavy monsoon rains in Narowal District that have started in Mid of August. Continued rain showers has resulted heavy floods in famous rainy water channels Nullah Daik which is lying on the border between district Narowal and Sialkot, Ravi River, Nullah Baien and Nullah Basenter.

National Rural Development Program (NRDP) has initiated a well-coordinated humanitarian response in Narowal district and provides health care services to 25,617 people in 12 flood affected Union Councils through mobile health camps with the collaboration of Mercy Worldwide Trust