Providing hope in time of despair

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Providing hope in time of despair

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Providing hope in time of despair

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Providing hope in time of despair

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Providing hope in time of despair

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Providing hope in time of despair

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Providing hope in time of despair

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We are a small team working to help victims of conflict or natural disaster around the world

We strive to help orphans, widows and the most in need around the world, irrespective of creed, caste, colour or political affiliation. To collect and distribute funds in an ethical, transparent and accountable manner. With so many people in need globally, the task of providing humanitarian relief is daunting. But, like a small pebble thrown into a large pond, the ripples can still reach the shore.

Tanzania Orphanage Project APPEAL 

Guinea Hen Farming for Orphan children and a Orphanage Playground in Tanzania, Mkurunga district south of Dar es Salaam.

The Children’s Eco Village is a orphanage in the Mkurunga district south of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. It  is a ground-breaking initiative set up to help orphans and make a lasting positive impact on the lives of these children. The village was set up to provide homes for the most susceptible of children giving them the opportunity to grow and develop within a healing and sustaining natural environment.

 Set in the lush landscape of the East African coastal zone the natural surroundings are aimed at nurturing the physical, mental, social and spiritual growth and wellbeing of these children. The children are taught how to live sustainable and in harmony with the natural environment and understand the value of good environmental practice. In this way, the village provides security and stability to one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

We are working with the orphanage to provide the current 20/40 orphans with Sustainable source of food via the Hen Farming. The orphanage at its full potential will house 160 Orphans.

A flock of Guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) will be reared to provide organically produced fresh meat and eggs for the needs of the Children’s Eco Village. Guinea fowl will form part of the food security plan for the children, providing an organically grown sustainable source of food. Any excess produce will be available for sale, bringing extra income into the village.The waste produced will be used as organic fertiliser for the rest of the farm.

The sustainable farming methods used will serve as a test bed and demonstration site which can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of these methods to local community.

Do you love to take your own children to a playground? A child’s need and right to play is indivisible from providing them with a happy childhood and holistic care. It is considered the cornerstone of their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development and well-being. The world over, children from disadvantaged backgrounds are denied the opportunities for play and recreation which is a missed opportunity to provide them with psychosocial support and empower them with life-skills to help them expand their potential.

The child’s right to play is actually a universal right enshrined in Article 31 of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). This perhaps the most poorly understood aspect of the CRC by governments worldwide, so much so that it’s had become known as “the forgotten right”. Throughout the world more effort is required to increase awareness of the importance of play in contributing to the social, cultural and economic well-being of children and society as a whole.

In 2009 Tanzania’s Parliament passed the Law of the Child Act 2009, a landmark legislation providing a legal framework through which the country would reform and unify child protection laws and provide a framework to domesticate ratified international child rights treaties including the CRC. A child’s right to play and leisure is considered integral to their education and participation in national cultural. Ideally it underscored realization and resilience of all other child rights and equally can only be guaranteed if all other rights are realize.

The project will integrate local artistry, plant life, rustic nature inspired designs and landscapes to combine the beauty, adventure and wonder of nature with child friendly and durable play equipment. The project will currently serve 20 children and is integral to our commitment to create a holistic and healing environment for their optimum development and well-being. Concepts of both traditional structured play and unstructured play will be incorporate into the play area. This means we will have the traditional fixed designs (such as seesaws swing sets & slides) with safe creative areas where the children imagine and shape their own rules and structures of play. Both are vital for a child’s development because, structured play helps children learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns and develop their logical problem solving skills. Unstructured play on the other hand encourages creativity; teaching children to take more risks which builds self-confidence and fosters traits that encourage a lifelong sense of purposeful learning and curiosity. The project will be aligned with our overarching value for holistic integration of environmentalism and sustainability into all our operations. Our effort to minimize the impact on the environment will integrate vernacular architecture with perm culture principles for architecture. This will involve sourcing all the construction material locally; using sustainably sourced or recycle material and creating aesthetic design that reflect local culture and is well adapted to the local (context) climate. Rich elements of nature will be merged into the design including fruit trees with short growth cycles, flowering plants, birdhouses, a water feature; creating a rich bio-diverse environment that the children can easily tend to instill a love and respect for nature.

We have sourced suppliers in Tanzania to build and complete these two projects,

We will personally go to the orphanage to start and oversee the work, once we have received the donation amount needed.

 As always we will provide a full report on the work completed and money spent once the project is completed.

 Orphans are our responsibility and we should treat them like our own, please help them by donating generously and by encouraging others.

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The project is up and running

After 3 months of perseverance and dedication we are pleased to report the Yemen Food Bakery is now opened, which is providing daily food for 1000’s of people affected by the war.

*Thank you for allowing us to carry out this work on your behalf*

More information follow link


We are pleased to announce the launch of a empowerment project for Yemen!


Yemen Crisis Appeal 1 Yemen Crisis Appeal





We have been trying for the last 10 months to gain a visa to enter Yemen, but due to the ongoing situation, unfortunately we have not been able obtain a visa yet. So we won’t be traveling to Yemen just now but we’ve located trusted people already working on the ground, enabling us to help.

Did you know 14 million people in Yemen do not have enough food or clean water, and seven million are at risk of dying of starvation.

More than 40,000 people have been killed or injured due to warfare in the villages, losing their homes, their safety and healthcare. 3.1 million people have been forced out of their homes.

Millions of people are living in overpopulated shelters or damaged homes, while 184,000 people have fled to other countries.

Due to the desperate situation in Yemen, which is constantly getting worse, and us not obtaining visas, we have teamed up with Haidara ( , a local trusted and vetted charity organization on the ground for an empowerment project of building a bakery, that will give bread/ baked goods to the poorest and most destitute in Sana`a (Capital of Yemen). Any money generated by the bakery will go towards the running of the bakery, benefiting orphans, widows & the disabled.

We know everyone is disturbed by what is happening in Yemen. We hope you will fully join in this effort to help ease the suffering, and remove some of the guilt we all feel for not being able to do more.

Please help us reach our target as the civil war has been going on for more than 3 years and we need more empowerment charity projects!

As always, we will provide full feedback and report back to all of the doners. We will clearly show how and where the money was spent.


Please donate kindly and encourage others




We were in Tumbru Village, at the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar, across the creek of water there are 1289 Rohingya families, approx 6,000 people. They only had a few days food left when we arrived.

We arranged for 1290 monthly family food packs for each family in the camp. Plus we provided necessary medicine for diarrhea, fever, multivitamins, as most people had such symptoms. More……..


Flood Relief Dera Ghazi Khan & Rajanpur Sep-Oct 2012

Mercy Worldwide working in partnership with Sach Foundation desptached 3 x Ambulances to Dera Ghazi Khan & Rajanpur, our main concern was to prevent the spread of diseases like acute respiratory disease, diarrhoea, dysentery, malaria. The Medical Health Units...

Shelter Home in Iraq – 2012

In the Major city of Iraq, Called Najaf,  Mercy Worldwide working with our trusted colleagues have acquired 400m of land and started to build necessary housing, providing a cleaner and purer living for those who can not afford to be housed elsewhere, therefore this...

Gaza December 2015

“A warm winter for those who are deprived of these basic needs “ The recent war in Gaza, which was the main reason behind the destruction of hundreds of homes and displacing thousands of families whose homes have been demolished in whole or in part, to become...

Palestine Food Distribution June 2012

Working in partnership with Palestinian Welfare House, we distributed food baskets to the  poor, orphans and widows families in June 2012 [gallery...

Container Loaded and Shipped to Greece

The Mercy Worldwide team loaded two ambulances and high value aid due for Lesbos, Greece for the refugee crisis. We could not have done this without your support. The mission is on going , please help us to help them [gallery...

Water Filter Installations in Palestine June 2012

Working in partnership with Palestinian Welfare House, in June 2012  we installed water filters in Palestine to give access to clean, fresh drinking water and prevent water-related diseases.  

Yemen November 2018

The project is up and runningAfter 3 months of perseverance and dedication we are pleased to report the Yemen Food Bakery is now opened, which is providing daily food for 1000's of people affected by the war.*Costing*£11,000 was donated to us by...

The Convoy Team Arrives in Islamabad, Pakistan

09th September 2011, MW Trust convoy team arrives in Islamabad dry port awaiting customs clearance.. We are in gratitude to each and every member of the Convoy team who truly lived upto the motto " The deed is everything, the glory naught" Our sincere thanks for your...

Emergency Relief – 2010

In December 2010, MW Trust team visited the flood-affected areas in Jacobabad, Sukkur in Sindh distributing the following: 1000 x 4-person tents 1000 x Bed sheets & blankets; 1000 x Food packages Our team ensured that they purchased the items, loaded them onto...

Syrian Refugee Camps Winter Relief

Due to the crisis in Syria millions of people left their homes and become refugees. Some of the largest number headed to the Lebanese / Syria border and they were getting little to no help. Due to the winter weather kids were freezing and some had already died. We...

Amir Khan welcomes our cyclist in Lahore, Pakistan

Our world cyclist arrived in Lahore on the 2nd August 2015 to a welcome reception in Lahore, Pakistan by World Boxing Champion Amir Khan  

Emergency Relief and Medical Camps in District Narowal Aug – Oct 2013

We continue to work with our partner NRDP in Narowal District, as a  result of heavy monsoon rains that started in mid of August, 2013, Pakistan once again faced the heavy flash and riverine floods in four provinces resulted in to human life loss, infrastructure...

Medical Camps Jacobabad, Sindh Jul-Aug 2013

Working with our partner RSWDO in Sindh, Medical Camps were  arranged with the Collaboration of health department Jacobabad,  at village Mohammad Panah katohar Uc kot jango. A large number of male female and children attended the camp. The patients were examined,...

Healthcare Centre Palestine July 2013

Working in partnership with Palestinian Welfare House (PWH), we provided financial support, essential life saving equipment and medicines to the newly established Healthcare Centre in Jaballia, Palestine. It is well known that the burden on the Palestinian health...

Measles and Hepatitis Vaccination Medical Camps Baluchistan 2013

Mercy Worldwide working in partnership with Saach Foundation provided 5 x Ambulances in November 2012 to PPHI & Health Department, Baluchistan for relief activities in the flood effected areas. Two Ambulances deployed in Nasirabad District and three ambulances...

Medical Camp Ghadari, Pakistan

6th May 2012, in partnership with Al-Sarwar Foundation, we setup a free pain management camp in Ghadari , Jhelum. All the Doctor’s, Nurses and local volunteers provided their services free of charge to over 500 people that were treated. The ambulances were utilized to...

The Convoy Team Reunion Event

The Indus Valley Convoy team got together for a charity dinner event in Luton, UK, on the 20th April 2012. Below are some pictures from the event:

Medical Camp Lehri, Pakistan

31st March 2012, in partnership with Al-Sarwar Foundation, we setup a free pain management camp in Lehri, Jhelum. All the Doctor’s, Nurses and local volunteers provided their services free of charge to over 390 people that were treated. The ambulances were utilised to...

Medical Camp – Dina, Pakistan

We held our first free medical camp in Madhu Khalas, Dina, on the 3rd February 2012, utilising our fleet of ambulances. All the Doctor’s, Nurses and local volunteers provided their services free of charge to over 370 people that were treated. Food was also provided to...