Mercy Worldwide Trust

We are a small team working to help victims of conflict or natural disaster around the world, particularly orphans, widows and the most vulnerable.


Providing help in time of despair…

MWT is one of very few charities operating on the island of Lesbos and Moria these are main port of arrival for the thousands of refugees fleeing the unrelenting conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and facing as one UN official stated “totally shameful” conditions.

“The photo of the dead body of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi on a beach focused the world’s attention for a short while on the escalating refugee crisis, but are people aware that hundreds of children some just a few months old have drowned crossing the waters from Turkey to Greece ?”

Currently Mercy Worldwide have a team of volunteers and Doctors to provide Refugee with DESPERATELY NEEDED HUMANITARIAN AID

We need YOUR HELP NOW TO PROVIDE URGENT HUMANITARIAN AID  to the most vulnerable and needy refugees who have & continue to arrive in Europe.

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World Cycle Ride for Orphans

The cycle challenge has been completed on 15 December 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina  Total mileage to date; 12,014

We are expecting Amer Nazir to be back in the UK on Sunday 20th December, we will update reception details when finalised.

Wcc2015 15 Dec 15

Full full details of the journey, please click here

Cycle for Orphans Appeal

Mercy Worldwide has launched projects to build orphanages in the Asian Sub-Continent.  The main fundraising focus is a round-the-world cycle ride, crossing 33 borders and over 12,000 miles.  Click here to donate.  Your contribution will help children to take small steps towards rebuilding their futures.



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