Cycle for Orphans Appeal

IMG_9699Mercy Worldwide has launched projects to build orphanages in the Middle East and Asian Sub-Continent.

The main fundraising focus is a round-the-world cycle ride, crossing 33 borders and over 12,000 miles.  There will be other fundraising events and promotions that you can support.

We need your help – please support the projects by donating whatever you can.  Your contribution will help children to take small steps towards rebuilding their futures.

Orphanage, PAKISTAN

Ongoing political unrest and impacts of regional floods in Pakistan have meant vulnerable groups such as orphans are hit hard.  Mercy Worldwide has received the generous donation of land in Pakistan.  The project will be overseen by our own local team and help orphans and vulnerable street children by providing support & protection through shelter, food, and education.

We aim to care for up to 100 orphans managed by teachers, support staff and caretakers.  With your donations, children would receive regular nutritious meals, books and uniforms.  Children will also be encouraged to experience recreational activities and access accredited training.

To donate to Orphanage in Pakistan, please follow this link.

Jabaliya Orphanage, GAZA

Gaza has been a place of unrest for decades.  Despite huge challenges in the region, Mercy Worldwide has established strong links with our local partner Palestinian Welfare House to launch the Jabaliya Orphanage in northern Gaza.

By purchasing land for a new building and gardens, the Jabaliya Orphanage project will deliver shelter, education and basic health services for up to 500 orphans.  Palestinian Welfare House will provide the expertise and environment for orphans in Gaza to flourish and regain their confidence.

To donate to Jabaliya Orphanage in Gaza please follow this link.