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Emergency Relief – 2010

In December 2010, MW Trust team visited the flood-affected areas in Jacobabad, Sukkur in Sindh distributing the following: 1000 x 4-person tents 1000 x Bed sheets & blankets; 1000 x Food packages Our team ensured that they purchased the items, loaded them onto...

Syrian Refugee Camps, Winter Fuel Dec 2013

Whilst we traveled to the Syrian camps in Dec 2013, we saw that there was a desperate need for burning fuel. It was very difficult to survive without fuel in the camps, the weather was getting colder and families were forced to suffer further. During our last visit we...

Emergency Relief Gaza – Jul to Sep 2014

During the July 2014 Deadly attacks on Gaza, where 1000's were killed and injured and made homeless. Mercy Worldwide volunteers tirelessly sprung into action, working around the clock to deliver aid and medical supplies to Gaza on a urgent and immediate bases. As...

Syrian Refugee Camps Winter Relief

Due to the crisis in Syria millions of people left their homes and become refugees. Some of the largest number headed to the Lebanese / Syria border and they were getting little to no help. Due to the winter weather kids were freezing and some had already died. We...

Ambulance to Sahib-uz-Zaman Hospital Quetta

We have signed an MOU with Sahib-uz-Zaman hospital to loan them an Ambulance to service people effected famine, floods, suicide bombings and severe oppression in Quetta, Pakistan. The Ambulance will be operated free of charge for patients and will be managed by...

Gaza December 2015

“A warm winter for those who are deprived of these basic needs “ The recent war in Gaza, which was the main reason behind the destruction of hundreds of homes and displacing thousands of families whose homes have been demolished in whole or in part, to become...

Viva Palestine Convoy 2012

More than three years since Israel's Operation Cast Lead, which killed over 1,400 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip the siege remains. The changes sweeping Egypt and the Middle East bring the promise of finally lifting that blockade and of further steps to relieve the...

RAPA15 Updates from Greece

The Reality on ground is very harsh and not reported in the media. There are mothers here who lost their children in the sea because the dingy were going to sink and the captain thought kids were excess baggage. More volunteers and Medics are desperately needed!...

Gaza Aid Work Nov13

Representatives from Mercy worldwide, traveled to Gaza in Nov 2013, after many difficulties and delays they managed to enter Gaza. In Gaza they visited previous projects which had been completed and also carried out further projects. We visited camps and distributed...

Emergency Flood Relief, Indus Valley Floods 2012

At the time when Pakistan was still reeling from last year's floods, we are once again battling monsoon rains that have affected 5 million people in the province of south Punjab, Baluchistan and Sindh. After waiting weeks for a green light from the Pakistani...

Emergency Relief and Medical Camps in District Narowal Aug – Oct 2013

We continue to work with our partner NRDP in Narowal District, as a  result of heavy monsoon rains that started in mid of August, 2013, Pakistan once again faced the heavy flash and riverine floods in four provinces resulted in to human life loss, infrastructure...

Healthcare Centre Palestine July 2013

Working in partnership with Palestinian Welfare House (PWH), we provided financial support, essential life saving equipment and medicines to the newly established Healthcare Centre in Jaballia, Palestine. It is well known that the burden on the Palestinian health...

Measles and Hepatitis Vaccination Medical Camps Baluchistan 2013

Mercy Worldwide working in partnership with Saach Foundation provided 5 x Ambulances in November 2012 to PPHI & Health Department, Baluchistan for relief activities in the flood effected areas. Two Ambulances deployed in Nasirabad District and three ambulances...

Medical Camp Ghadari, Pakistan

6th May 2012, in partnership with Al-Sarwar Foundation, we setup a free pain management camp in Ghadari , Jhelum. All the Doctor’s, Nurses and local volunteers provided their services free of charge to over 500 people that were treated. The ambulances were utilized to...

Medical Camp – Dina, Pakistan

We held our first free medical camp in Madhu Khalas, Dina, on the 3rd February 2012, utilising our fleet of ambulances. All the Doctor’s, Nurses and local volunteers provided their services free of charge to over 370 people that were treated. Food was also provided to...

Medical Camp Lehri, Pakistan

31st March 2012, in partnership with Al-Sarwar Foundation, we setup a free pain management camp in Lehri, Jhelum. All the Doctor’s, Nurses and local volunteers provided their services free of charge to over 390 people that were treated. The ambulances were utilised to...

The Convoy Team Reunion Event

The Indus Valley Convoy team got together for a charity dinner event in Luton, UK, on the 20th April 2012. Below are some pictures from the event:

Medical Camps Jacobabad, Sindh Jul-Aug 2013

Working with our partner RSWDO in Sindh, Medical Camps were  arranged with the Collaboration of health department Jacobabad,  at village Mohammad Panah katohar Uc kot jango. A large number of male female and children attended the camp. The patients were examined,...