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Gaza December 2015

“A warm winter for those who are deprived of these basic needs “

The recent war in Gaza, which was the main reason behind the destruction of hundreds of homes and displacing thousands of families whose homes have been demolished in whole or in part, to become uninhabitable

In December 2015 we accommodated 900 families of affected Palestinian families and children who have lost their houses during the last war on Gaza and families in need.

We provided help for families whose homes were destroyed and became homeless, living in tents, the following was provided:

400 blankets for 400 affected families.

Supply medications to help 500 affected families and injuries.


RAPA15 Updates from Greece

The Reality on ground is very harsh and not reported in the media.
There are mothers here who lost their children in the sea because the dingy were going to sink and the captain thought kids were excess baggage.

More volunteers and Medics are desperately needed! Please spare some time and join us in Lesvos Greece. We can arrange a subsidised rate for travel and accommodation for volunteers and helpers only.




Emergency Relief Gaza – Jul to Sep 2014

During the July 2014 Deadly attacks on Gaza, where 1000’s were killed and injured and made homeless. Mercy Worldwide volunteers tirelessly sprung into action, working around the clock to deliver aid and medical supplies to Gaza on a urgent and immediate bases. Gaza food&medicine Jul-Sep14 (158)As always with your prayers and support we were one of the first groups who managed to distribute supplies in Gaza City while it was still under attack. A massive thank you for everyone’s efforts in the first 2 weeks of the attacks, with the Grace of God and some dedicated efforts the aid had started to be handed out in Gaza and was continuing to be delivered to families and hospitals. Continue reading Emergency Relief Gaza – Jul to Sep 2014

Syrian Refugee Camps Winter Relief

Due to the crisis in Syria millions of people left their homes and become refugees. Some of the largest number headed to the Lebanese / Syria border and they were getting little to no help. Due to the winter weather kids were freezing and some had already died. We decided to head to the Lebanese border to help distribute blankets in the camps so people could stay warm during the harsh cold weather. Continue reading Syrian Refugee Camps Winter Relief

Viva Palestine Convoy 2012

More than three years since Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, which killed over 1,400 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip the siege remains.

The changes sweeping Egypt and the Middle East bring the promise of finally lifting that blockade and of further steps to relieve the suffering of the Palestinian people. But promise alone will not end the suffering now, nor address the reasons for it. Continue reading Viva Palestine Convoy 2012