Synergising with the local & national partners to collectively fight the disease and improving public health in rural and remote communities in Pakistan was what made Mercy worldwide Trust  lead a ambulance convoy from UK to Pakistan by road in 2010, the first ever of its kind convoy to Pakistan.

Since 2010, MW Trust has been actively involved in disaster management and flood affected areas of south Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan along with its partners Saach Foundation, Anjuman Janisaran –e- Ahlebait, NRDP, Shafa Khana-e-Sahib-uz-Zaman, National Rural Development Program (NRDP). Through its partners support, MW Trust has vaccinated more than 20,000 children for measles and treated over 80,000 patients with waterborne diseases in Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan.

Time has come for Mercy worldwide Trust to further expand its operations through improved networking and on 22nd June 2013, Mercy Worldwide Trust with collaboration of UNOPS representative Dr. Qadeer Ahsen is building lasting partnerships with Community Support Concern CSC based in Lahore, Support Agency for Rural & Human Association’s Development  (SARHAD) based in Peshawar and Reformist’s Social Welfare Development Organization based in Jacobabad RSWDO, whereby, Mercy Worldwide Trust is providing one fully equipped ambulance to each of the partnering NGO for fulfilling its national commitment for improving access to public health.