Tanzania Orphanage Projects *The two projects are now complete*

After months of perseverance and by the will of the creator, we are pleased to report the Playground and Guinea Fowl projects have been completed at the Eco Village (orphanage) in Tanzania.

*Donation* £11,500 was donated to us by you for both projects. £2,132 Gift Aid received on donations Total income *£13,632* *Cost* £8,500 Playground Equipment, including supply and install, procured from www.eastafricanplaygrounds.org £4,970 for playground transport from Uganda and Customs Tax. £1,000 for Guinea Fowl Hen and breeding project. In order to save on labour costs, this was built locally by ourselves with the help of the orphanage staff.   *Total cost £14,470* As there was extra funds required to complete the project, our ground partner (ihelpglobal) paid for the extra unforeseen costs.

See *pictures* to follow and a *video* of the children singing a dua and well wishes to all the donors, in their native language, please do listen to it, as they put a lot of effort and heart into it.

*Once again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for enabling us to carry out this work on your behalf*